Frederick Serger 1889 – 1965

Frederick Serger "Blumenstilleben"

63×59 cm.


  • Frederick B. Serger 1889-1965
  • Serger (real name: Frederik Bedrich Sinaiberger) was born in 1889 to an Jewish family of manufactures in a small town Ivancice near Brno. He studied in the art schools of Brno and Vienna and later in Munich. The first word-war interrupted his education, he became an officer of the Austrian army. After that war he went to Paris, where he continued his art studies and soon joined the Paris movement „Ecole de Paris“ School of Paris. In 1927 he married the Polish woman of Jewish origin, Helen Spitzer „La Boetie Galleries“ in Manhatten. He then moved with Helen to coczow and stayed there until 1939 exhibiting regulary at many museums in Warsaw, Cracow, in Paris Salon de Tuilleries and the famous Salon d’Automne. In 1936 Serger had a one-man show at Salon and at „Bernheim-Jeune“ in Paris, a gallery historically noted for exhibiting many of the most significant modern painters, such as Picasso and Cezanne. After the beginning of the second war the Sergers mooved to England and from there to Mexico. In 1941 he established a studio in Manhatten and started a long career of exhibiting in New York.

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